Sunday, September 26, 2010

Puerto Vallarta meets Jared and Brooke. This is part two.


Still the amazing Mexican restaurant. 157 160

They had a parrot for us to pet.

161 162 166 167

These are sand sculptures. They are pretty. We were amazed.172 183

This is a man balancing rocks.Yep.

197 202 206

This is a boy man who decided to become a sand statue. 213 214  224 This is Jared trying to scatter the pigeons.

142 147

This is Jared and a huge turtle. Yep.


These are cool men who fly down from that pole every night, and also another man who got in my way.


This is one of the two days we got drenched. Jared is dancing on the balcony.249 253 263

Us getting ready for our fancy date on a secluded island.269 312 316

Then we had to come home and go back to school. But we are no longer sweaty so that is quite excellent.


These are pictures. We were sweaty. We love each other.010

In Mexico they have these AMAZING bakeries that are so delicious. So delicious that we decided our entire lunch should consist of pastries.


Us at the airport hating our lives after we decided to have lunch consisting entirely of pastries.



132 133 148 150 152

This is our authentic Mexican food. Soo delicious.

More to come! YAY!

Sunday, September 19, 2010