Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oven rack-less.

There is one drawback to our new little home that we did not think would be a big deal.

We were quite mistaken.

For some reason, the previous tenants of our apartment left us a fridge, washer, dryer, and oven—but took the oven racks with them.

If anyone can shed light on a reason to do such a thing, we would be very interested.

So, imagine a married life with no cookies, casseroles, baked tilapia, brownies, or anything of the sort. We have been in dire need. One night we decided it was cookies or bust, so we borrowed one of my brother’s oven racks, thinking, of course! All ovens must be a standard size.

No. All ovens are not a standard size. This oven rack was a size too big.

However, we were determined to have cookies.

And have them we did!

This is the result.DSCF4888

I love my husband.

Sundays in Fall.

We drove through the fall leaves and found treasures: a little farm with hugemongous pigs and two parks with gorgeous lighting.DSCF4826 DSCF4830 DSCF4837 The piiiiiiiiiigs!

DSCF4839 DSCF4840 DSCF4849 DSCF4864 DSCF4865 DSCF4866 DSCF4867 DSCF4880

The First Supper.

The first meal you eat together as married people is very important. You can’t just have cereal or hot dogs or macaroni, that would be a sin. But, since we were still moving in and all that jazz I made a delicious taco salad thing.DSCF4805 

And here is my ridiculously attractive husband loving his taco salad thing. DSCF4807