Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oven rack-less.

There is one drawback to our new little home that we did not think would be a big deal.

We were quite mistaken.

For some reason, the previous tenants of our apartment left us a fridge, washer, dryer, and oven—but took the oven racks with them.

If anyone can shed light on a reason to do such a thing, we would be very interested.

So, imagine a married life with no cookies, casseroles, baked tilapia, brownies, or anything of the sort. We have been in dire need. One night we decided it was cookies or bust, so we borrowed one of my brother’s oven racks, thinking, of course! All ovens must be a standard size.

No. All ovens are not a standard size. This oven rack was a size too big.

However, we were determined to have cookies.

And have them we did!

This is the result.DSCF4888

I love my husband.


  1. Maybe some place like DI would have some?

  2. After all the time you put into making a name for your blog Jared and Brooke is all you came up with? I'll work on a new name.

  3. hahaha! That is hilarious! I love it!